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Outsourced IT Support in Ireland Case Study – DIIG

admin October 23, 2015 0 Comments

Laurence Hudson, Head of Technical Services for Decision Insight Information Group got in touch with Precept in 2014 to assist with some “boots on the ground” in Ireland. Below are his comments on the service he has received.

What was your company’s need?

DIIG has a central IT function based in Kent, what we were after was a reliable partner to become for want of a better term “an extension of our on the ground IT function for the Ireland based businesses”. We’ve had varying degrees of success with other partners but never quite felt that relationship had been achieved. We’ve engaged Precept in maybe a dozen pieces of support delivery over the last year both at our Dublin and Belfast sites spanning a number of technical competencies and they have gone very well.

Which characteristics do you look for in a supplier / partner?

Technical competency and strong commitment to delivering a quality service. A pool of proven technical staff resource. An honest approach to the relationship particularly around expectation setting, by this I mean if something can’t be achieved to a high standard/timeline or the skill set needed is not strong with the partner, that’s okay as long as this is communicated allowing the relevant options to be considered before proceeding. These are the primary concerns, with competitive commercials following on after.

How did you plan the project / service with Precept IT?

Our largely remote relationship thus far around planning has worked perfectly and that’s down to comprehensive and timely two way comms with clear deliverables being agreed.

How did you work together to achieve an optimum result?

Plan the work, then work the plan. Have clarity around communication and levels of decision making tolerance should there need to be changes “on the fly”.

What do you like about the outcome so far?

I can trust that scheduled work is done to a standard of delivery that meets our needs, if there has needed to be a judgement call and time didn’t permit a discussion around finer unplanned detail the Precept guy on the ground has thus far made the pragmatic sensible judgement call.

Precept are very adept and at getting the right people where you need them quickly, when we’ve had to change dates last minute, or pull jobs due to internal blockers there has never been a hesitation or issue. They always look to add value and where additional opportunities to implement positive change arise they have always provided this feedback as part of their post job update report.

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