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Secure Multi Site Network & Cloud backup – Trinity Housing Belfast

admin December 22, 2010 0 Comments

Precept IT have been working with Trinity Housing since 2010 and have recently completed two keynote projects – setting up a secure and reliable cloud backup system and connecting the various Trinity remote office into head office.

About Trinity Housing

With around 2000 units of housing, Trinity Housing provides social housing and housing support services throughout Northern Ireland.  Trinity Housing develop, manage and maintain general needs housing, housing for the elderly and various models of supported housing for people with special needs. Trinity aims to provide and maintain high quality homes at affordable rents for people in need of housing and to deliver a caring and professional service.  With the head office in South Belfast, Trinity currently employ approximately 70 staff across 8 sites.

 To find out more about Trinity Housing – visit

Cloud Backup

Precept provided think BACKUP! to Trinity Housing to allow them to safeguard their critical business data.  Trinity’s configuration includes both an on-site and cloud location for files, folders, databases and email mailboxes.


Managed VPN

As Mako Networks Partners, Precept were able to advise and implement on how to create a secure and reliable VPN between head office and the Trinity Locations.  Trinity also extended the solution to allow management of the internet usage with the Mako Guardian – website content filtering module.More details to follow