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Nexus Counselling Service Northern Ireland IT & Network Upgrade

admin August 22, 2014 0 Comments

Precept IT recently completed a complete systems overhaul on the Nexus

Institute network across its various sites with Northern Ireland.

This involved a new Microsoft Small Business Server 2011, new workstations, online backup from think BACKUP and VPN / Website content filtering from Mako Networks.

About Nexus

Nexus offer counselling to survivors of childhood sexual abuse, victims of sexual violence including those who have experienced rape and sexual assault. We have over 25 years experience in providing a professional counselling service helping people to survive sexual violence.  This year we will offer 15,000 sessions throughout Northern Ireland.  We have 4 regional offices, approx. 40 counsellors, 7 admin staff and 5 managers.  Visit for more information

Pam Hunter,  CEO of Nexus was very kind to provide some feedback on the project.

What was your company’s need?

NEXUS had an old computer system which was not coping with the demands of the organisation.  Computers ran slow and the old VPN would fail producing a high level of frustration amongst our staff.  We needed a modern, reliable computer system which would suit the current and future needs of the organisation.

Which characteristics do you look for in a supplier / partner?

Reliable partner who communicate at our technical level, are proactive in recognising weakness and security issues in our IT system, who appreciate our budget restrictions and repair faults efficiently.

How did you plan the project / service with Precept IT?

We assessed our future needs to enable us to plan a system that would cope with the demands of our organisation in the medium and short term.  We consulted with 3 IT companies and took advice of the best system available within our budget.  Precept IT were selected to upgrade our system as they had a competitive quote, suggested a server that could cope with future expansion and had a good track record with Nexus.

How did you work together to achieve an optimum result?

Both Nexus and Precept worked together.  Nexus had to spend time deciding what their current and future requirements where and what was a realistic budget.  Precept came up with solutions and suggestions within our budget.

What do you like about the outcome so far?

The outcome has been excellent.  We have a system that just works and staff now take their computers and communication through the VPN for granted.

 Any other comments?

The support that Precept offers Nexus differs from other IT companies in that we have a personal contact who knows both our IT system and our staff.  Rather than focusing on individual fault repairs, Precept have had a overview of our IT system and been able to suggest short and long term solutions ie Precept recognized the need for a reliable backup system.  Also as a charity they have been very helpful in working within at times a very limited budget to keep our old IT system functioning and sourcing charity discount for software.