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Secure Web Development and Hosted Infrastructure Platform – Clear Direct Debit, London

admin August 13, 2015 0 Comments

“We enlisted the services of Precept IT Limited to provide us with a secure

hosted server platform from which to deliver our electronic payments system around 2 years ago.  To date we have been delighted with the service that has been provided, in terms of their efficiency and depth of knowledge.  We look forward to developing the relationship further as our requirements grow.”
Gavin Lawrence, Director
Clear Direct Debit

About Clear Direct Debit

Clear Direct Debit are the only independent, Bacs accredited, Training, Consultancy and Bureau provider and are therefore able to support you with objective advice and guidance on how to best manage your Direct Debit systems.

They work closely with organisations to fully understand your aims and requirements. We combine this with our knowledge, expertise and understanding of our sector. We then put this together with our passion for making complex and technical subjects simple and our dedication to providing the best possible levels of service. So, if you have ever struggled to get an answer about Direct Debit, then we are the organisation to call.

A few more technical details…
Clear Direct Debit use specialised, bespoke Bacs processing software. In order to guarantee the security of sensitive data, the software is hosted on 3 different servers across two separate, data centres at different locations within the United Kingdom.
The Data Centres:
* Tier 3 data centres, monitored and supported 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year
* Utilising physical and computerised monitoring security processes, including security patrols, CCTV and proximity card access with restricted access to company staff and visitor access by appointment only on either an escorted or restricted time-pass basis.
* 2 UPS systems in place (Uninterruptible Power Source), FM200 fire suppression systems, ambient and HVAC cooling systems and back-up generators.
Within the Centres:
* data is run on private, locked racks
* data is synchronized nightly between the different centres
* data backups are retained for 28 days

* stored on an encrypted file system (where it would take 1×108 years for unauthorized users to decrypt the data at current computer speeds).
* Life Signs monitoring is done through Nagios and notifications sent to NOC engineers

* Pro-active Security monitoring includes intrusion detection (IDS) threshold monitoring for attacks or pre-attack activity
* All servers are protected by Enterprise level Cisco ASA security appliances and access to servers can only be achieved by secure VPN tunneling mechanisms
All Clear Direct Debit processes, (including disaster recovery policy and contingency arrangements) are in full accordance with Bacs Commercial Bureau Regulations.