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Cyber Security: Small Business Guide
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    The Home Truth About Cyber Security

    Picture this, you’re getting ready to leave the house ready for your holiday and you check that all the doors and windows are locked, and perhaps even set a burglar alarm. Why? Well, that’s obvious. Our homes contain personal and costly belongings that we don’t want other people to get access to, therefore we implement security measures to keep people out.

    The same applies with a security solution. If protecting your home is such a natural and common concept – then why wouldn’t you protect your business too?

    Stay ahead of cyber-attacks with adaptive security
    Safeguard with intelligent email protection
    Start protecting your business today with an email security solution


    Consistently superior protection

    Encompassing more than just anti-virus, Bitdefender brings a host of features that protect your device. Between anti-malware, anti-phishing and dual-layered firewalls, Bitdefender ensures your device is secure by detecting, anticipating and blocking all known and unknown attacks from its centralised cloud console.

    Under its Advanced Threat Control suite, Bitdefender extracts known patterns of malware and viruses and looks for similar patterns in new, emerging threats.

    By watching over all active processes, it marks any malicious behaviour against a score. Should the active threat receive a score that passes the suspicious threshold, Bitdefender will remove and quarantine the malicious code.

    Intuitive filter settings
    Location-aware policies
    Device & usb control scanning
    Two-way firewall
    Antivirus and antimalware

    Vade Secure

    Advanced email security for Microsoft 365 - Block Microsoft 365 mailbox attacks other solutions might miss

    Exchange Online Protection (EOP) and Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for Microsoft 365 are reputable forms of protection against mass spam attacks, relying on traditional signature and reputation-based security tools.

    But they cannot identify new threats such as spear phishing attempts or Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks due to their sophisticated nature.

    Advanced Email Security for Microsoft 365 by Vade Secure bolts itself onto EOP as a complementary layer of security. It enhances protection by using machine learning to predict patterns for new and emerging threats, while building technical profiles for individuals you regularly communicate with, identifying malicious imposters to circumvent spear phishing attacks.

    With Vade, you can relax knowing you’re covered.

    99.99% spam capture rate
    360° email protection
    Time-bombed url protection
    Bolts onto EOP
    Identity match


    Seamless Email Encryption for Microsoft 365 and Outlook

    Protect sensitive business or financial information over email with secure encryption from DeliverySlip.

    Used by more than 10,000 organisations and 5 million+ users worldwide, DeliverySlip makes it easy for you to hit send without worry by providing one-click email encryption directly inside your Microsoft 365 or Outlook.

    Plus, you can easily transfer large files and access them through a mobile browser or the Android, iOS and Windows apps.

    You can feel safe in the knowledge that you’re using bank-grade encryption to view your emails securely while reducing your risk of phishing, malware and spam.

    Encrypt and go
    Large file transfer
    E-discovery and e-audit
    Real-time tracking
    Identity match

    Microsoft 365 Secure

    With 120 million business users worldwide, Microsoft 365 is an irresistible target for cybercriminals. With this in mind, we think it’s important to highlight that the Microsoft 365 Exchange Online Protection is good, but not good enough.

    Defend yourself against spear-phishing attacks and sophisticated malware with Vade Secure, while automatically backing up your mailbox data in the fully-encrypted Acronis Backup Cloud.

    It’s the all-in-one solution purposefully built to enhance protection, ensure compliance and maintain company reputation – without compromising user productivity.

    Instant mailbox restore
    Quick backup search
    Real-time url exploration
    Multi-level encryption
    Time-bombed url protection
    Insider threat protection